Established in 1993
Management Services

AMS Realty, Inc. provides financial and administrative management services to Community Associations in Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties. We presently manage over 60 Community Associations (Condominium, Homeowner,Commercial, and Planned unit development Associations) who rely on the expertise of AMS Realty, Inc.'s professional management staff.

Administrative Services

AMS Realty Inc. as a team focuses on providing the necessary tools needed by the Board of Directors to make beneficial decisions for their community.

The following are a few of the administrative services we offer:

  • Organizing meetings for the Board of Directors which involves preparation of notices, agendas, packets, and other necessary documents.

  • Organization of annual and special meetings.

  • Advice and assist in the administration of various provisions of documents.

  • Guide in the development of policies and procedures.

  • Coordinate the maintenance activities of the Association

  • Keep records of Governing Documents, Minutes, contracts, and correspondence (all such records are the property of the Association).

  • Facilitate inspections for violations and letters.

  • Aid in resolving homeowner requests.

  • Assistance with the Architectural Review Committee (preparation, review, approval, and correspondence).

Financial Services

AMS Realty Inc. offers banking services through Union Bank which does not charge any banking fees. We also offer easy step payments for assessments such as online bill pay, or reoccurring payments by an ACH process.

Listed below are some of the Financial Services we provide:

  • Maintaining all operating, reserve, or any other bank accounts that are under the name of the Association.

  • Arrangement and payment of account payables on a weekly basis.

  • Aid with preparation of annual budgets to be reviewed and approved by the Association’s Board of Directors.

  • Accounting for assessments or other charges due by owners such as:

    • Notification for Owners who have any delinquencies.

    • Collections of delinquent assessments or violations as directed by the Board of Directors.

  • Assistance with Audits.

For more information on other services we provide please contact us at ams4hoa@gmail.com or call 805-642-0995.